Generally, replacement videos will only meet the standards when

  • the current system time and the URL of our shop is shown,
  • a NonBL VicSocks can be retreived from,
  • the record has started before receiving the log and
  • it's uncut.

We recommend!
No video, no replacement!

We don't give any replacement on unchecked accounts.
Obvious fake-logs or duplicates of the logs will of course be replaced.
If the mail access on mail valid accounts is invalid, a replacement will be provided.

Random CCs
The limit guarantee only counts for the first payment.
All other upcoming payments are not included.

Full CCs
We guarantee the setability of the 3d-Secure Code.

Enrolled CCs
Those are CCs with OB access. We only guarantee valid OB access.
The indicarewd balance may vary by 10% at the time of purchase.
3D-Secure reset is guaranteed if specified.

Online Bankings
We only guarantee valid OB access and the indicated balance may vary by 25%.
The additional information in the description is not guaranteed.

Those following shops are excluded from any replacement:
any kind of transfer and financial service provider,
any kind of credit service provider,
any kind of casino pages,
any kind of CC checker services,
non german webpages and
pub shops, which can be found via forum search engine.

Balance withdraw is not possible.